From our menu, you can select the type of a full-grown hedge that you want have in your garden. If you are not sure whether climate conditions or nature of your garden fit ideally for the selected tree species, call us, please. As landscape architects we have experience with a choice of the correct location in your garden and with selection of plants to local climate conditions. We will advise you if needed. We will send you promptly the price offer including shipping to your garden.


We will visit our German partner nurseries to choose particular hedge segments for you, so that you will have simply the best ones (if you want, you can go with us). Furthermore – we shall see that all the purchased shrubs are handled properly during the loading and treated well all the way to your garden.


Mature shrubs that you buy, have generally a hard natural root balls and that’s why we recommend planting by a gardening proven by us. It will also guarantee the quality of the accomplished work.