Please, first of all choose the type and measure how much of the hedge you need to your garden. (Take into account, that Iindividual blocks should be planted usually in a distance of about 0-10 cm, spindles in a distance of about 40 cm, solitery shrubs in a distance of about 0-10 cm).

The ideal time for planting of your hedge should be in the spring (April to mid-May) and also in the autumn (October, November). In this season we will deliver the hedge. Attention – any violation of agro-technical terms could lead to an unnecessary death of your beautiful hedge!

To your order we will let you know exact price of the ordered material, shipping cost (which is calculated among all the material that we are able to place into a truck – in average it will make around 3-5 thousand Kc /Czech crown/ per client), plus gardening works. We report also the exact term when your good shall be in your garden; just after the delivery we will plant all your shrubs. If you give us a binding order, we will ask you for of 15 % of the final sum as a token in advance. The remaining amount will be payed after the completion of planting and your signature of the delivery protocol.

We provide of course a guarantee for works and goods for the entire growing season – i.e. for 12 months.